It has been proven that diet that consists of low phosphorus dry & wet cat food is the best option for cat that experiences kidney health problem. Kidney issue is definitely not reversible. However, with the correct diet, its functions can be prolonged. Cat with renal problem has high phosphorus level in its kidney because the inability to process it. The process of changing cat’s old diet to a more kidney friendly one must be done with cautions, though.

Most of the times, cat owner will opt for commercial cat food for kidney disease package. This is without doubt a more practical option. There is no need to think about nutrient appropriate menu before cat’s every meal. Everything has been arranged accordingly. However, such package is not designed for long term consumption. The reason is because it does not contain sufficient nutrients which are required by cat. Usually, such package is recommended to be consumed for only six months. Thinking about longer term solutions is needed as this food package does not provide a permanent one.

There is also tough option between providing low phosphorus dry & wet cat food for your pet. Generally, wet food is more favorable for cat than the dry one. Wet food helps cat maintaining sufficient water intake. Cat that has chronic issues in its kidney will have hard time because the urine is too concentrated. Extra water intake will ensure that the cat’s urine is not too polluted with nutrients so the kidney does not have to work hard. However, some pet owners may be hesitating about wet food for various reasons. If you still prefer dry cat food for certain justifications, then you have to make sure that your cat drinks more water.

Processed cat food is an easy and good alternative. But have you considered incorporating raw menu in cat’s diet? It turns out that raw food is great for cat with renal issues. This kind of food does not contain preservatives and starch which are not good for cat’s body. In addition to that, raw meats and organs have relatively low phosphorus content. Raw food is also wet, so it ensures that cat gets enough water intakes.

As you can see, providing a proper diet to cat with kidney or renal problem is not a walk in the park. Cat owner cannot make abrupt decision about this. One thing that cannot be doubt over is that low phosphorus dry & wet cat food is the way to go.

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