lysine cat treats Perhaps you have heard about lysine cat treats somewhere. These products are handy for any cat owner out there. Every cat owner wants their pet to stay healthy for as long as possible. Being ill is highly uncomfortable for the cat. Cat is also prone to experience complications just from one single illness. The medical expense for sick cat can get pretty high too. There are many ways to prevent cat sickness. Regular vet visit is important. Paying attention to the cat’s diet is also proven to be an effective method.

Cat owner usually just buys regular cat food. Such food is indeed going to fulfill basic nutrition needs of the pet. However, it does not have added benefit such as protecting the cat from threatening illness. Lysine is a substance that can protect your pet against various different illnesses. It is a type of amino acid that acts as a base for protein within the pet’s body. Protein has a central role in performing various different physiological functions.

The Benefits of L-Lysine for Cats

There are some lysine benefits for cats. It encourages cat’s body to release enzymes and antibodies that are pivotal for the immune system. Lysine inhibits the body from contracting feline herpes and conjunctivitis. It also helps easing out the respiratory system that might be caused by infections on upper part of the system. Cold sores and sinus congestion can be handled as well. This substance also stimulates body to absorb more calcium so the bones will get stronger.

Many lysine products are available out there. Cat owner can get oral gel and paste to be administered to their pet when symptoms appear. There is a syringe product if lysine is highly required within the system. Powder product is also an option. However, there is nothing more convenient than lysine cat treats. Treats are easily incorporated to the cat’s daily diet plan. They are palatable to the cat and can be enjoyed as part of regular meal. This is important since the lysine is necessary for maintaining the immune fence.

Various treats that contain lysine are sold in the market. They come in different flavor options, such as chicken liver. And other poultry flavors. Cat owner does not have to show the treats down the pet’s throats because they are enjoyable for the pet. It is an effective way to ensure that the lysine will be entering the body. Lysine cat treats are definitely helpful.