There are many reasons why you need to give cat teething toy to your pets at home. Just like a human baby, younger cats have to go through a teething phase as well. It is the phase where their teeth are growing. Of course, it causes pain and discomfort. That is why they need to relieve the pain by biting on something. Instead of biting on random stuff, you should give them the teething toys. Here are some of the biggest reasons why your cat needs the teething toys.

Ease Its Pain

When the teeth of your cat are about to erupt, it causes massive pain on the gum. Sometimes, the gum is going to be softer, swollen, and red. The pain is sometimes unbearable for the cats. It makes them whimper all day long and feel highly uncomfortable. By biting into the teething toys, the cat will have something to soothe the swollen gum. It definitely helps them to get some comfort and ease the overall pain.

Enhances the Cat’s Oral Hygiene

The oral hygiene during the teething phase of a cat or kitten is very delicate. Their swollen gum and newly erupted teeth are prone to the attack of bacteria, mostly caused by the excessive saliva produced during the teething phase. By biting into kitten toys or teething aid, the cat can reduces the saliva production and hence creating healthier oral hygiene.

Save Your Household Items

One of the best reasons why you need to buy cat teething toy and give it to your cat is basically to save the household items inside your house. When a cat feels pain on the gum, they will certainly bit on anything in front of them. Tables, cushions, shoes, and everything else will be bitten and destroyed by the cat. In order to make sure that nothing in your house is going to get ruined by the cat in pain, you need to give your pet the teething aid. It allows them to relief their gum pain on the toys, not on your beloved carpet or other household items.

Those are basically the main reasons for you to get your cat a teething toy. You do not want to see your dear pain constantly in pain, right? All you need to do is just purchasing some cat teething toy products available widely on pet stores or on the internet.