Every cat owner needs to know about cat neutering aftercare. Cat neutering is like a vasectomy in the world of cat. It makes the cat sterile and it won’t be able to impregnate other cats anymore. Just like human, when a cat is being sterilized, a surgery is needed. Of course, there will be numerous post-surgery aftercares that the owner needs to give to the cats. Here are some of the most important tips related to give a post-surgery neutering aftercare.

Place the Cat in Solitude

The procedure of neutering a cat needs the cat to be given anesthesia. The anesthesia has numerous side effects to the cat, even after the surgery is done. One of the most obvious post-surgery side effects of the anesthesia is that the cat’s vision becomes slightly blurry. It can happen for the first 24 hours after the surgery. Because of this, the cat owner needs to place the cat in solitude. Place the cat in quiet and warm room. It will bring the cat some comforts. Prevent children or other pets to interact with the cat because it will give the cat a terrible fright.


Reduce the Food Portion

What to expect after neutering cat is sometimes related to what the cat needs to eat after the surgery. Basically, a cat does not have to consume certain diet after being sterilized. However, for the next 1-2 days after the surgery, the cat is still probably going to vomit a lot. The nausea is caused by the anesthesia effect and the side effect of the pain-relief medications given to the cat. To prevent the cat from vomiting a lot, you can either reduce the food portion of the cat up to 75% or give the cat foods in liquid form, such as warm milk and very watery porridge.


Place a Litter Box Nearby

When a cat is recovering from a surgery, it does not have the ability to move around quite easily. That is why one of the most mandatory cat neutering aftercare that the owner has to give is to place the litter box of the cat as close as possible to where the cat sits or lays down. Every couple of hours, the litter box also needs to be cleaned.

By knowing exactly what to do when your beloved pet cat is recovering from neutering surgery, you won’t have the problem to give comforts to the cat. Remember all those tips about cat neutering aftercare above and your cat will be certainly well-cared.