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Amish Puppy Mills Pictures You Should Know to See What a Puppy Mill Looks Like

There are many Amish puppy mills pictures that can be found online. It is quite sad looking at those puppies that should be caged with other hundreds of puppies. Moreover, not a few of puppy mills have a good place meaning that the area is not large enough for all them. As seen, there can be hundreds of puppies in a cage. What’s sadder part is that the puppies are treated in terrible conditions. The condition seems unhealthy for breeding the puppy but there are still many breeders who do not pay attention to this matter.

Some people do not agree with the puppy mill because they think it is cruel to see that cute animal to be in cage. In addition, all puppies will be put in cage for their entire life except for being adopted by someone who are interested and for being sold to people out there. Can you imagine how unhappy they are? Unfortunately, it is common to see puppy mills in some countries and there are communities for this. Regarding the policy of breeding puppy in this way, it is mentioned that the puppy mill is legal thing to do. Therefore, it is best for you not getting puppy from any mill. There are puppy mill puppy symptoms that you can pay attention to. Here is further information about it.

First sign to know is the origin of the puppy. It the animal is mentioned to be brought from out-of-state, you better be careful about it. For further information, it is best to know what countries that have many puppy mills. Second, breeders who offer several breeds may breed the puppy in a mill. It can be said like that since a common breeder can only focus on breeding 2 breeds. Next, maybe you have seen Amish puppy mills pictures by online and you must have known what it is like, right?

In order to know how the breeders, who offer you a puppy, breed the animal, it is a good reason to ask for a meeting. It is aimed to know whether it is a puppy mill or not. Fourth, the person seems be able to provide puppy every single time meaning that the stock of puppy is many of them. Regarding the transaction, legitimate breeders usually ask for who will pet the puppies and make sure whether the puppies will have a suitable home. Those are several signs to be aware of. Looking at Amish puppy mills pictures, it is good for not getting puppy from that.

Petland Puppy Mills and the Reasons to Adopt Instead of Buying Dogs

Petland puppy mills have been a controversial subject among pet lovers. Back then, Petland is a well-known chain of pet store packed by pet-loving customers every single day. However, it is then revealed that the pet store company treats the dogs in the shops with cruelty. Instead of bringing home a happy dog from Petland, most customers end up with sickly, sullen dogs caused by years of cruel treatment they got.

If you do not want the same story to happen to you, you need to abandon the idea of going to Petland and get a dog there. Instead, you need to go to local dog shelters and adopt. It is now believed that adopting a dog from local dog shelter is way better than buying one at pet stores like Petland or other stores. Why you need to adopt? Here are the reasons why.

  1. You will Save a Dog’s Life

Dogs being brought to shelters are usually those who have been abandoned on streets or have been rescued from difficult situations, such as cruel previous owner. By adopting a dog and not buying one at Petland puppy mills, you have the chance to safe a dog’s life. You also have the opportunity to give a second chance to a dog to be happy again with you and your family.


  1. You will Help Stopping Animal Cruelty

Sometimes people are wondering why Petland puppy prices are considerably cheaper. Well, the answer is because they treat the dogs and puppy there very badly and they force the dogs to breed non-stop in order to produce more and more puppies to sell. Because they have so many puppy to sell, regardless of the cruel treatment, they can sell the puppy to customers in cheaper price.

  1. You will Support Local Shelters

Local dog shelters are usually non-profit organization. They take no money from people who want to adopt the dogs, except for the paperwork and medical needs maybe. By adopting dogs from them, you’ll have the chance to encourage and support everyone in that organization to keep doing what they’re doing. Eventually, it will help them to save more dogs and give happy endings to numerous other dogs.

It is now clear as day that adopting a dog is basically a very essential move to take. You do not need to support animal cruelty buy buying dogs at puppy mills. Those places, like Petland puppy mills, are not going to give you the dog you deserve.

Are Puppy Mills Illegal? Why Puppy Mills Should Be Banned in the US

Are puppy mills illegal? This issue has been around for a while, putting a concern to animal defender activists and dog lovers. Puppy mill itself is some kind of puppy farm, in which the dogs are bred in facilities. Unfortunately, some of dog breeding operations do not meet the standard as mentioned in Animal Welfare Act. Even worse, some puppy mills are in really bad condition that brings nothing but suffer to the animals. This triggers many activists and communities to shut down many dog breeding operations.

Without many people realize, puppy mills have been a horrible place to breed dogs. This operation is commonly run by wholesale commercial operator that wants to gain a lot of advantages from selling puppies in wholesale. Without considering the sanitation and condition of animals, puppy mills turn into hell for the dogs.

Are puppy mills illegal in the US? When it comes to state of law, it is quite surprising that puppy mills are actually legal. In the United States, there are approximately 10,000 licensed and also unlicensed puppy mills. The business is able to sell no less than 2,000 puppies per year. This number shows that government does not take sufficient attention to the commercial dog breeding operations. Without even knowing how the unlicensed puppy mills look like, they remain growing among us. So, are puppy mills illegal? The answer is no.

In fact, there are many problems typically found on dogs bought from commercial puppy mills. Most of them are not grown in proper place. Because the environment is unsanitary, chances are that they get various health problems. Even many of them are infected with parasites because their fur is coated with their own feces and urine. Not to mention many of them might have social problem, either to other dogs or human. It is because they are raised in cramped condition with thousands of puppies under the same roof.

There should be concrete action from the government to avoid further problem. At least the puppy mill operator must improve the condition of the cage. Sanitary must also be the priority, allowing the dogs to grow in clean and sanitary environment. Government should also close unlicensed puppy mills especially when they do not meet the criteria. The only purpose is to avoid further problem of the animals and disease spread. What do you think? In your opinion, are puppy mills illegal?