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Cat Teeth Extraction Recovery and the Important Points You Should Remember

Knowledge of cat teeth extraction recovery is quite important for cat owners. Why may that be? Many people do not know but cat dental issues are highly prevalent. There are several common dental health problems that can occur in cat, including: periodontal disease and gingivitis. One or even several cat’s teeth may be removed in the process of taking care of these problems. Having the teeth extracted will be an unpleasant experience for the cat. Is there any way you can do to relieve it?

Cat may not be showing obvious signs that it experiences pain or discomfort after dental removal procedure. It does not mean the cat feels nothing, though. Owner should be mindful of signs such as cat pawing at mouth after dental surgery. Some measures must be taken to make sure that the cat is comfortable enough so that recovery process can be done speedily. There are certain things that cat owner must pay attention to: dental hygiene, food, and nutrition intake.

After dental procedure to remove teeth is done, hygiene should be taken into top of priority list. If owner lets bacteria grows freely in the cat’s mouth, there is a high chance that infections will occur. It will lead to bigger issues in the future. The way to ensure dental hygiene is by cleaning cat’s teeth at least twice a day. Cat owner should use soft tooth brush to do this job. It is important to do the cleaning gently as to not upset other parts of cat’s mouth.

The food given to cat should also be taken into consideration during cat teeth extraction recovery period. Since the number of teeth is reduced, it is understandable that cat will not be able to chew food as it used to. Cat needs to get used to using their remaining teeth for eating. During the first week after dental procedure, owner should only serve soften food. Place hard food away from the cat because even if it experiences oral pain, it will still eat the hard food.

Additional nutrition should also be incorporated to cat’s diet during this recovery process. Owner can provide cat vitamins to speed up recovery. It can be given through treats or oral supplements. Avoiding food that has high carbohydrate content is also pivotal since such food may cause built-up tartar in cat’s teeth. The information about cat teeth extraction recovery should help owner navigating aftercare process of cat following dental removal surgery.

Low Phosphorus Dry & Wet Cat Food Diet: Proceeding with Cautions

It has been proven that diet that consists of low phosphorus dry & wet cat food is the best option for cat that experiences kidney health problem. Kidney issue is definitely not reversible. However, with the correct diet, its functions can be prolonged. Cat with renal problem has high phosphorus level in its kidney because the inability to process it. The process of changing cat’s old diet to a more kidney friendly one must be done with cautions, though.

Most of the times, cat owner will opt for commercial cat food for kidney disease package. This is without doubt a more practical option. There is no need to think about nutrient appropriate menu before cat’s every meal. Everything has been arranged accordingly. However, such package is not designed for long term consumption. The reason is because it does not contain sufficient nutrients which are required by cat. Usually, such package is recommended to be consumed for only six months. Thinking about longer term solutions is needed as this food package does not provide a permanent one.

There is also tough option between providing low phosphorus dry & wet cat food for your pet. Generally, wet food is more favorable for cat than the dry one. Wet food helps cat maintaining sufficient water intake. Cat that has chronic issues in its kidney will have hard time because the urine is too concentrated. Extra water intake will ensure that the cat’s urine is not too polluted with nutrients so the kidney does not have to work hard. However, some pet owners may be hesitating about wet food for various reasons. If you still prefer dry cat food for certain justifications, then you have to make sure that your cat drinks more water.

Processed cat food is an easy and good alternative. But have you considered incorporating raw menu in cat’s diet? It turns out that raw food is great for cat with renal issues. This kind of food does not contain preservatives and starch which are not good for cat’s body. In addition to that, raw meats and organs have relatively low phosphorus content. Raw food is also wet, so it ensures that cat gets enough water intakes.

As you can see, providing a proper diet to cat with kidney or renal problem is not a walk in the park. Cat owner cannot make abrupt decision about this. One thing that cannot be doubt over is that low phosphorus dry & wet cat food is the way to go.

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Choosing from Many Options of Cat Treats Pounce Products

There are various food products which are great for cats, including cat treats Pounce. This brand is definitely one of the most famous products for cat owners. When having a cat, there are various things to be paid attention. Cat’s health is definitely a pivotal aspect in the ownership. The outer and inner parts of the cat must be well taken care of. Making sure that its nutrition intake is fulfilled well is among the main task as cat owner. Deciding on suitable food products to be given is pretty important.

When buying food for the cats, it is important to understand their preferences. Every cat has their own unique way to eat food. They also possess certain palate characteristics that may prevent them enjoying every treat. Pounce offers two categories of cat food. There are moist cat treats as well as the crunchy ones. How does each category differ from each other?

There are several cat treats Pounce under moist food category. The manufacturer assures that these products are loved by most cats. The flavor options are chicken, tuna, and seafood medley (which is a general combination of seafood varieties). Caribbean Catch Tuna flavor is also a new option that is enjoyed by the cats. The texture of moist treats for cats is really soft. It allows the cat to enjoy the food easily. It is perfect if the cat has dental problems or teeth that have not been fully developed.

This company also offers food products under crunchy category. Just as the name suggests, the treats within this category has harder texture. In order to enjoy the treats, cat must be able to bite into it. This encourages the strength of cat’s teeth. It is also a more interesting method of eating to cat. Pounce provides four flavor options under the crunchy treats category: tuna and salmon, chicken and turkey, tuna, as well as catnip flavors. The treats have unique shapes that allow funnier experience during meal.

When purchasing treats for your cat, it is important to recognize the cat’s needs and preference. Making sure that the food has all required nutrition for cat’s health and balance is not the only important thing. Owner should ensure that the treats all appreciated by their pet, flavor wise. Luckily, many brands start paying attention to that. Hopefully this article help cat owner decides on the cat treats Pounce products that are deemed suitable for their pet.

How Will Lysine Cat Treats Benefit Cat Owner and Pet?

lysine cat treats Perhaps you have heard about lysine cat treats somewhere. These products are handy for any cat owner out there. Every cat owner wants their pet to stay healthy for as long as possible. Being ill is highly uncomfortable for the cat. Cat is also prone to experience complications just from one single illness. The medical expense for sick cat can get pretty high too. There are many ways to prevent cat sickness. Regular vet visit is important. Paying attention to the cat’s diet is also proven to be an effective method.

Cat owner usually just buys regular cat food. Such food is indeed going to fulfill basic nutrition needs of the pet. However, it does not have added benefit such as protecting the cat from threatening illness. Lysine is a substance that can protect your pet against various different illnesses. It is a type of amino acid that acts as a base for protein within the pet’s body. Protein has a central role in performing various different physiological functions.

The Benefits of L-Lysine for Cats

There are some lysine benefits for cats. It encourages cat’s body to release enzymes and antibodies that are pivotal for the immune system. Lysine inhibits the body from contracting feline herpes and conjunctivitis. It also helps easing out the respiratory system that might be caused by infections on upper part of the system. Cold sores and sinus congestion can be handled as well. This substance also stimulates body to absorb more calcium so the bones will get stronger.

Many lysine products are available out there. Cat owner can get oral gel and paste to be administered to their pet when symptoms appear. There is a syringe product if lysine is highly required within the system. Powder product is also an option. However, there is nothing more convenient than lysine cat treats. Treats are easily incorporated to the cat’s daily diet plan. They are palatable to the cat and can be enjoyed as part of regular meal. This is important since the lysine is necessary for maintaining the immune fence.

Various treats that contain lysine are sold in the market. They come in different flavor options, such as chicken liver. And other poultry flavors. Cat owner does not have to show the treats down the pet’s throats because they are enjoyable for the pet. It is an effective way to ensure that the lysine will be entering the body. Lysine cat treats are definitely helpful.

The Reasons to Give Cat Teething Toy to Your Pet at Home

There are many reasons why you need to give cat teething toy to your pets at home. Just like a human baby, younger cats have to go through a teething phase as well. It is the phase where their teeth are growing. Of course, it causes pain and discomfort. That is why they need to relieve the pain by biting on something. Instead of biting on random stuff, you should give them the teething toys. Here are some of the biggest reasons why your cat needs the teething toys.

Ease Its Pain

When the teeth of your cat are about to erupt, it causes massive pain on the gum. Sometimes, the gum is going to be softer, swollen, and red. The pain is sometimes unbearable for the cats. It makes them whimper all day long and feel highly uncomfortable. By biting into the teething toys, the cat will have something to soothe the swollen gum. It definitely helps them to get some comfort and ease the overall pain.

Enhances the Cat’s Oral Hygiene

The oral hygiene during the teething phase of a cat or kitten is very delicate. Their swollen gum and newly erupted teeth are prone to the attack of bacteria, mostly caused by the excessive saliva produced during the teething phase. By biting into kitten toys or teething aid, the cat can reduces the saliva production and hence creating healthier oral hygiene.

Save Your Household Items

One of the best reasons why you need to buy cat teething toy and give it to your cat is basically to save the household items inside your house. When a cat feels pain on the gum, they will certainly bit on anything in front of them. Tables, cushions, shoes, and everything else will be bitten and destroyed by the cat. In order to make sure that nothing in your house is going to get ruined by the cat in pain, you need to give your pet the teething aid. It allows them to relief their gum pain on the toys, not on your beloved carpet or other household items.

Those are basically the main reasons for you to get your cat a teething toy. You do not want to see your dear pain constantly in pain, right? All you need to do is just purchasing some cat teething toy products available widely on pet stores or on the internet.

Helpful Tips in Giving Post Surgery Cat Neutering Aftercare

Every cat owner needs to know about cat neutering aftercare. Cat neutering is like a vasectomy in the world of cat. It makes the cat sterile and it won’t be able to impregnate other cats anymore. Just like human, when a cat is being sterilized, a surgery is needed. Of course, there will be numerous post-surgery aftercares that the owner needs to give to the cats. Here are some of the most important tips related to give a post-surgery neutering aftercare.

Place the Cat in Solitude

The procedure of neutering a cat needs the cat to be given anesthesia. The anesthesia has numerous side effects to the cat, even after the surgery is done. One of the most obvious post-surgery side effects of the anesthesia is that the cat’s vision becomes slightly blurry. It can happen for the first 24 hours after the surgery. Because of this, the cat owner needs to place the cat in solitude. Place the cat in quiet and warm room. It will bring the cat some comforts. Prevent children or other pets to interact with the cat because it will give the cat a terrible fright.


Reduce the Food Portion

What to expect after neutering cat is sometimes related to what the cat needs to eat after the surgery. Basically, a cat does not have to consume certain diet after being sterilized. However, for the next 1-2 days after the surgery, the cat is still probably going to vomit a lot. The nausea is caused by the anesthesia effect and the side effect of the pain-relief medications given to the cat. To prevent the cat from vomiting a lot, you can either reduce the food portion of the cat up to 75% or give the cat foods in liquid form, such as warm milk and very watery porridge.


Place a Litter Box Nearby

When a cat is recovering from a surgery, it does not have the ability to move around quite easily. That is why one of the most mandatory cat neutering aftercare that the owner has to give is to place the litter box of the cat as close as possible to where the cat sits or lays down. Every couple of hours, the litter box also needs to be cleaned.

By knowing exactly what to do when your beloved pet cat is recovering from neutering surgery, you won’t have the problem to give comforts to the cat. Remember all those tips about cat neutering aftercare above and your cat will be certainly well-cared.